Thursday, July 4, 2013

Which Astral is better Aegis Major or Goddess Blessing?


Hey just wanted to as you about something. Which astral is better Aegis Major (orange) or Goddess blessing (orange) or are they both the same?


Hi, it is a wrong question :)
Both of these astrals are good but at different times during the development of your character.

Aegis is better on lower level as it subtracts a value, so when the damage dished out is let's say 200 then Aegis could take out say 100, so that's 50% damage reduction, which Goddess can not deliver.

Goddess Blessing astral, on the other hand, replaces Aegis on higher level characters as it subtracts a percentage, so for example when people are hitting 10,000 damage then it is silly to talk about subtracting 100, but it is very nice to talk about subtracting 10%, i.e. 1,000 damage.

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