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All About Mounts

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Well... this post doesn't contain all mounts, they are available at another post which is not by me.

You earn a mount on lvl 40.When you unlock a mount, that mounts stats are added on to the stats of your White Battle Steed, and you are given the option to use a special skin on your White Battle Steed. Example: Player A unlocks White Battle Steed and gets all of its stats to +50. Player A then unlocks Royal Steed, which gives +50 stats. Player A now has a White Battle Steed with +100 to all stats, and also has the option of either using the skin of White Battle Steed or Royal Steed

This is an overview of your free mount.

Mount Training

Mount training whips may be obtained for free in various ways.

Guild Blessing: You may receive mount training whips from the “Token” circle in the guild altar. Spins cost 20 contribution (20k gold) each.
95-Devotion prize: If you achieve 95 devotion, you may claim 1 mount training whip. Limit of 1 per day.
Guild Battle Wins: Win a guild battle to receive 10 mount training whips. Based on your guild ranking at the end of the guild battle tournament, you will receive bonus mount training whips. (Rank 1 guild receives a bonus 30 whips)

Alternatively, you may also wish to just spend 35 balens to replace every 1 mount training whip when training your mount. Advanced train gives no higher chance of the Therion Blessing buff (5x exp). However, if you are feeling lucky and manage to get it while using advanced train, it is as if you achieved the buff 20 times using normal train. If you have the balens and whips to use advanced train, I would recommend doing so.

Upgrading your stable will not only increase the movement speed bonus you get from riding your mount, but also the maximum level of stats you may learn. Any experience you put in to your mounts stats will also go in to your stables experience at a 1:1 ratio.

At level 1 stable, the maximum stat level you can achieve is 20. This goes up by 20 per level, so at level 2 stable you may acquire a level 40 stat maximum. The following table only goes to level 20, because there’s a clear trend of +5 stat boosts and +25 exp required per level. The beginning movement speed bonus at level 1 stable is 30%. This will be upgraded to 40% at level 4 stable, and the furthest I have seen is level 4 stable, which remains at 40% still.

Level 1 > 2 stable will require 13,000 exp.
Level 2 > 3 stable will require 51,000 exp.

Well this pic is not by me...

Each point in Strength will give your hero +4 PATK and +1 PDEF.
Each point in Intellect will give your hero +4 MATK and +1 MDEF.
Each point in Endurance will give your hero +20 HP.
Each point in Armor will give your hero +4 PDEF and +4 MDEF.

Click the stat you wish to level up
Click the “Train” or “Advanced Train” button
“Train” will increase the stats exp by 10
“Advanced Train” will increase the stats exp by 200
Both of these methods of training have a small chance to give 5x exp.

How do you obtain mounts?

Mounts are obtained in vastly different ways. You may only have one of each mount, trying to get duplicates of any mount will prove both a waste of time and money.

White Battle Steed

Given to you for free once hero achieves level 40.
Stat boosts: +5 to all stats.

Imperial Steed

Upgrade your stable to level 2.
Stat boosts: +5 to maximum stat level.

Ruby-Eyed Steed

Balens shop. This costs you 1995 balens.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Shadow Steed

Balens shop. This costs you 1995 balens.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Hurricane Steed

May be bought from the level 10 guild shop for 50,000 contribution. (50,000,000 gold)
Stat boosts: +30 to all stats.

Darknite Horse

May be bought from the Crypt Shop after reaching level 100 in the Forgotten Catacombs. Costs 6000 Crypt Tokens.
Stat boosts: +40 to all stats.

Royal Steed

Achieve Crusader Rank and buy it from the Arena Shop for 10,000 insignia.
Stat boosts: +50 to all stats.

Therion-Sand Rider

Be the guild master of the winning guild of the guild battle tournament. This is a temporary mount and only lasts 7 days.
Stat boosts: +100 to all stats.

White Alpaca

During certain events, you may exchange 30x Alpaca Jigsaw Piece for this mount.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.


Exchange 300x Christmas Shard during the Christmas Events for this mount. (Begins 13th December)
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.
Well... this post doesn't contain all mounts, they are available at another post which is not by me.

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