Monday, July 8, 2013

Clothing Synthesis

(Posted by TerrorBlade)

Hey guys i have got a few things about clothing here!
For lvl 2 clothing u need one of lvl 1 clothing and another lvl 1 or a fashion core. u can get a fashion core either from shop directly or from spire chest or u can synthesize it with 10 fashion shards. here r the pics of it.

For lvl 3 clothing you will be in need of 2 lvl 2 clothing which u can get from the way above i have mentioned! and can use a good luck charm ,it is not really needed for lvl 3 it may help u to get a rarer look. I have got lvl 3 weapon without a good luck charm. So u can save 395 balens on lvl 3 .

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