Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Players from Top Guild with Multiple Level 70 legends

This is Jarod aka QA from s1 reporting As Requested by a few in the comments. I will be showing off 2 of my guild mates that have 3 Level 70 legend rings or jewels already.

First up the infamous Dwarf who won the first archer class wars

As you can see it adds an incredible amount of attack and hp by just enchanting fully, the only down side is they sell for alot less than you put into them and you can also see they sell for almost 17 million.  Meaning it takes most likely in the ball park of 30+ million to enchant one fully.

The second player I am adding because He deserves the spot light as much or more than dwarf as he is more or less the silent but higher player at the moment.  That is the guild leader and winner of the 2nd class wars Kessar.

Thats it for the best players and the 70s legends they have so far, I will keep everyone updated on who gets all 4 first and when we start seeing players putting on their actual 70s gear.  Great things are coming so stay tuned.  I will also try and do a video or post of me getting my 50s legendary armor as I now have all my 40s rings and jewels legends.  Thanks guys and always remember to like and comment it really helps.

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