Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mage Astral Guide (Beggining)

(Posted by PulseBeast)

Hello Everyone !!
I am going to make a guide about mage's astro / astrals .
So lets begin with the astrals you need when you are low level :

The first astral you have to concentrate more is Enhanced Will Destroyer !
Will Destroyer which disable critical attacks ( your hits will never be critical) But it increases the amount of damage you deal by 5% ( the orange one).

The Second and your Third astrals you have to concentrate are:
Pristine Mystically which upgrades your character's Matt by 216 per level !
Pristine Fortidude which upgrades your character's Pdef by 216 per level !

That's the astrals you need before lv 40 , When you hit the level 40 add this astral :
Pristine Willpower which upgrades your character's Mdef by 216 per level !

So for your next astral on 50 lv you need this :
Refined Goddess Blessing which reduces damage taken on your character by 3% per level ! And it is perfect when you upgrade your talent with the reduction of damage.

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