Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catacombs 100 Level Drops Collection Pre-Patch 1.6

Hey guys, I am collecting some time the loot I collect from my catacombs runs for both curiosity reasons and  to show people how many gems and things you can get from the catacombs alone and it is not difficult at all to do even if you are a totally free player.

So here is my report for the data which i collected before the 1.6 patch where of course still the individual runes like rage rune or brutality rune, etc were still alive and kicking.

I will also post a report for the after patch 1.6 rewards so you can see the difference on how the runes were replaced and what we are getting instead - good or bad? etc.

Also if anyone feels like doing some analysis on this - great - you can either post your findings in the comments below or send me an email and i will publish them.

So here is the report on the Catacombs 100 Level Drops Collection pre patch 1.6:

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