Friday, March 7, 2014

Hades from Lucky Clover and Hades Overview

Hey guys, maybe some of you didn't catch my video on Hades, so here is the summary and the video at the bottom.

First off I got really lucky with box drops. I bought some boxes and boom I got this first announcement:

Then a few more boxes and gazam:

Actually in just 26 boxes I got 2 Hades which I was more angry about than happy. As I was doing this on my mage's account who is a casher I just needed one Hades and now I got 2 and the 2nd one is absolutely useless to me and I was angry because a lot of my friends have opened lots of boxes and didn't get any. One in particular opened now 600 boxes and didn't get Hades. So I will be making a report on this to the game publisher and there will be a small chance that it will be corrected.

Now coming back to the sylph here are the stats of Hades that I got:

He is actually a PATK sylph total opposite to Apollo, so when it comes to those two in the Sylph arena it seems that the one who attacks first will win since they have terrible resistances against one another.

And here is the video where I go more in detail about Hades: