Monday, July 15, 2013

Possible Future Patch 1.66 - Preliminary Information

Hey guys, thanks to Orhan I got some info on a future possible patch 1.66 or so they call it in the Turkish version of Wartune which is, and I can confirm that, a little ahead of us. For example when we were going to get tanks, they already had Maulers I believe.

Anyways, as you are probably excited to check out the info and start gossiping :) let's start with 1 of 3 pictures:

1st up we got another event of a higher level like the Spire. As you can see on the picture it is something like Demon Trial or something like that:

UPDATE: Translation helped by ZnJn:
Kule Kralı- King of the Tower
38+ map. same properties with spire (4 people, can enter once a day. Difference is you have 4 different difficulty options. (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare).


1) well it will give exp :)
   100k exp and copper king's chest at easy.
   300k exp and silver king's chest at normal.
   900k exp and golden kings chest at Hard.
   2500k Exp and Diamond King's chest at NM.
(note rewards are given at each floor u pass just like in spire)

2) You earn at
   easy 10,
   normal 12,
   hard 14,
   NM 16
mount spirits after u complete or do map.

3) During the Event map if u lose connection rewards will be send via mail but you won't get exp.

4) Chest drops:

Copper Chest
1k kyanite, Mount spirit*1, soul crystal*5, rune stone*1, medallion(i assume insignia)*20

Silver Chest
70 lvl crystaloid, Mount spirit*1, soul crystal*15, rune stone*3, medallion(i assume insignia)*60

Golden Chest
70 lvl crystaloid*3, Mount spirit*2, soul crystal*45, rune stone*9, medallion(i assume insignia)*180

Diamond Chest
70 lvl legendary stone*1, Mount spirit*3, soul crystal*120, rune stone*30, medallion(i assume insignia)*500

!!! NOTE: mount spirit has a different visual so it will be different than we use now. don't get excited :)

2nd we got a new mount? Something about mount spirits so possibly this can be gotten with them, but as he does look really wicked it gives me the impressions that this will be somehow connected with balens.

UPDATE: Translation helped by ZnJn:
New mount (Magical Spirit i assume)
+ 30 all stats +10 to max stats, 300 mount Strength. requires 800 new mount spirits.

And the last one is the one i am most happy about or looking forward - it is some kind of a Happiness System which is standing right next to the Soul Engraving and from what I understood it can increase your stats or skills depending on how happy or unhappy your character is, which is pretty cool, but of course smells of balens also :)

UPDATE: Translation helped by ZnJn:
Happiness System:
You can use it when you are 55 and above. By spending Happiness stones u can improve your skills in Happiness path. I'll try to summarize it and will try to tell all i understand. It says you open it and spin the Happiness wheel. You get happiness stones and by improving the happiness path you earn some stats like HP, Attack or ignoring enemies def.

So, ya, if you know something, put it below in the comments and let us know what works how and most importantly let us know if there are specific items we should save up now already.

UPDATE: Translation helped by ZnJn:
and at last what's gonna come with the new  patch.

1- when your BR increase it will appear on the screen like when u earn gold it says Gold +30000

2- there will be a new function. it doesn't even make sense. it is the most non-understandable sentence in the whole thing so i wont translate it :)

3- MPD- except for the final treasures mpd drops will increase. 3 times more.

4- differences in symbol system and some new functions.

5- new fashion - it shows the emperors set.

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