Friday, July 5, 2013

Guides to Troop Enlightenment

Hey guys, a post on Troop Enlightenment, which could be perhaps confusing to some people, so I have made 2 videos about it which you can see on youtube or also below and I will also give some bullet points here, so:

  • First of all it is best to get the troops upgraded to your level rather than start on Troop Enlightenment (TE).
  • TE always costs 1,000,000 daru regardless of which troops you are investing in.
  • You can, if really needed, enlighten lower level troops and then when you upgrade to higher level ones  then you can convert it upwards, so you do not lose it. It does cost 2,000,000 daru though i believe.
  • The higher the level of TE the more the benefit you get but also the more it starts to cost.
  • You will need to complete the full TE bar before the game will give you the level up option - alternatively you can get lucky and get it earlier, but this is rare. On higher level you need like 320 million daru to level up so imagine how cool it would be to get lucky on that one or how angry you might be if you get lucky on 318 :(
  • I personally promote attack for all classes because that allows you to earn more but some of the other ones are also really good if income is not an issue.
  • You can indeed get MATK if you have templars.
Ok and here are the 2 guides videos I made:

Video Part 1)

Video Part 2)

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