Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Academy Troops Upgrades are Important

(Posted by Fancypants)

Hello all! This is Fancypants here. I am new to the team. All I ask is you don't make fun of my name. Jokes are fine, but don't go overboard. But this is besides the point.

I wanted to talk today about the academy and your troops. Everyone always tells you that the academy is important and that you should always have them leveled up right? But exactly how important is it? The answer is in fact, that is EXTREMELY important. Now when I first started Wartune, I kept hearing this, but I was always wondering how something is SO important when each level only adds like 5 hp or 4 troop count.

Now I know mine aren't very good for a lvl 47 mage, but like I said, I questioned the importance of academy in the beginning. Which trust me, it was a BIG mistake.

Now that I am starting to get these skills(as well as troop def and atk) leveled up, my troops can now deal quite a bit of damage, and take a hit from the WB. And with my troops, that is pretty miraculous. My troops are so low because I am saving up daru for Temps, but that is another story.

In conclusion, the academy should be taken very seriously(and not just the troops should be leveled up, everything you are in need of should be). It can make or break you easily. So always remember to grow those kyanite seeds!

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