Sunday, July 7, 2013

All about Soul Engraving

(Posted By Harsh)

1.It will be available when your character reaches level 35.

Well.. this is a pic of my friend Brisingr on my server.

2.The Soul Engraving EXP will be gained when you consume the soul crystals to do the Soul Engraving(1 soul crystal consumed = 1 Exp ), thus the level of which will be raised. And with the Soul Engraving leveling up, the stats boots provided by socketed gems will be further improved Wartune

3.Soul Engraving has total 80 levels:
level 1-50,Gem effects+2% for each level
level 51-70,Gem effects+3% for each level
level 71-80,Gem effects+4% for each level

4. The effects of Soul Engraving are permanent existed (only for socketed gems). The bonus stats show up in the tips of equipments.

5. Soul Crystal:

Soul Crystal is a consumable item which can be used to upgrade the level of your Soul Engraving and further improve the stats boots provided by socketed gems. You can obtain it from solo or MP dungeons and Battleground Treasure Chests,etc

Thanx for reading my tips or guides.

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