Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Never Die Fighting the Ward Tower

Hi guys, I got some info here from Thethrell (S153) and I confirmed it also with one of our top archers so the info is good and ready to be used right now and some top people have been using it already in silence :)

So the big thing is: it is possible to survive indefinitely in the battle against the Ward Tower during Guild Battles. The bad news is that this, like many other things, is heavily in favor of archers, meaning that the first people who will be able to do this is archers, then mages and last, by a long shot, the knights (just like in almost anything else :P)

Archer Setup:

Thethrell kindly shared his setup:

  • Arrow Strike, 
  • Bloodthirsty Strike, 
  • Deep Freeze, 
  • Armor Pierce 
  • and Incendiary Shot. 

Sylph and Rune selection:

Thethrell uses Hades, with Brutality rune and Healing rune, although the healing rune is not absolutely necessary.

Attack Sequence:

Your very first turn use Deep Freeze, and use AS and AP, and DF when needed. On your 9th or 10th turn, use Incendiary, then immediately go into sylph form. Use heal when necessary, and the Special, then go back into normal form. Use Bloodthirsty if needed, and repeat above method. Using this method the tower only blasts me for about 60-70k. During the last guild battle I was able to survive for 50 minutes, and scored 45 million individual guild battle points, which equals 4500 team points. You just have to make sure you die before time runs out, or you get ahead by 4000, or else you won't get credit at the end for your individual points, which is extremely frustrating.

What about Mages and Knights?

Mages have no damage reduction like IS of Archer or Apollo of Knights so the mage has to be able to take the hit of the tower to be able to survive forever, because once they can survive the hit they can heal back no problem. If you are borderline, you can always try Restoration on yourself even if at full health to get that 15% damage reduction.

Knights are a different matter. Although they are possibly the first class to survive the first attack, they are the last class when it comes to surviving the second attack and all the other attacks after that. This is because Knights can neither slow down the tower like the Archers nor can heal up quickly like the mages.

What about Iris healing?

The problem with knights using Iris for healing is that this can indeed heal you back up but you will spend the whole fight healing instead of doing damage. Archer's Bloodthirsty as well as the Hades healing are both actually damaging spells.

So aren't there any more tricks?

Yes there are, you have sylph, runes, potions, scrolls and even gems that you can use to make this happen faster.

Potions and scrolls are clear: anything to increase your HP and Defenses are good.

When it comes to Runes you have a few choices, but beware that this will only help 1-2 times, they cannot help to do unlimited battles like the archer example above. You have the Guardian Rune to reduce the damage, the Healing Rune to heal up and you have the Mire Rune which acts the same way as the Archer's DF.

Sylphs: The best is Hades here because he can heal while doing damage. Otherwise you got choiecs of healing/health bonuses from Apollo, Iris and Pan.

Lastly, in theory, you can put more Health Gems to pump up your HP, but this would cost some gold and so it is not an easy one to quickly do, but the possibility is there.