Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Contributor to this blog

(posted by Katarina)

Hi everyone!

I will be the newest contributor to this very awesome and insightful blog.  I have been playing Wartune for almost 2 months now and followed COSMOS since week 1.  I am playing on the Koram 9 server, which is a relatively young server, and have a level 58 Knight on there.

I will be posting mostly informational stuff on here when I come across something useful.  I love math and this game has a lot of it in it, so I tend to always run some numbers in my spare time and do some calculations for fun in order to increase my character's strength.

While I am indeed playing as a Knight I will try my best to appeal to the other two classes as well.  Anyways I am looking forward to publishing some work on here and can't wait to help out an ever growing community.

Here is a screenshot taken just recently of my stats as of 7/5/13

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