Saturday, July 20, 2013

COSMOS Reaches Solo Arena Rank 3

Hey guys, as many of you ask me "is my BR good for my level?" or any question similar to that I usually answer you that you have to test yourself in places like the Battle Grounds, Cross Server Arena, or Solo Duel Arena. Only by fighting others and comparing yourself to others you can know where you are in your particular time in your specific server.

Today I was happy to reach rank #3 in solo arena, which is one of the testing methods. Now reaching rank #3 does not mean I am #3 on the server - far from it, but by always striving to reach as high as you can you can see if you are able to break your own records or not. Previously I was never able to reach #3, I think I published reaching rank #8 and #9 in June and now in July I make it to #3, which is good news for me.

Everything in life is in relation to something. So go, compete and remember how high you get and then try to break your own record. Same in life, same in the game, keep developing yourself.

As requested here are the stats.
Note I don't use pots when I do the solo arena.

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