Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tank Trials Event Winning TIps

Hey guys, so this picture below is a proof that the way someone plays tank trials (strategy) in Wartune does make a very big difference, so in this post I want to share some tips / advice with you to help you if you are struggling with it.

That said, there is a great amount of luck involved, which is made of 2 different types:

  • your internet connection with the game at that particular time
  • and the luck of weapons spawning when you are alive and having good weapons in your area or that you are able to get to.

Apart from the above the rest does have to do with strategy:

  • Always target the weakest enemy. I have seen too many times teams targeting different enemies at the same time.
  • Gang up! All 4 together on top of 1 enemy! But watch out here if enemy has a lot of napalm / ice spikes.
  • Move! don't just stand there. That's too easy for enemy to kill you.
  • Circle the obstacles especially when enemy team is hunting you! Then some of their shots might hit the trees / column.
  • With napalm / spikes be patient at hit a minimum of 2 enemies.
  • Pick ice vs fire since ice slows the enemy down drastically.
  • Ignore the boss.
(tips continue below the picture) 

  • Take weapons / items if enemy is around, but if enemy is not around do not take them so your team can take them, so circle around in that area to make sure enemy doesn't take those items.
  • If you are at full health let your friend take the healing / shield!
  • If you want high points you need to make the killing blow. Laser is superior in this, but can be done with other weapons too.
  • Having absolutely any weapon in tank trials is much better than trying to find a powerful one and ending up with nothing.
  • Always prefer to attack the lowest level tank first - it dies easier.
  • Avoid boss's area attacks and try to lure enemy into them, especially if 4 are chasing you!
  • When dead find the weakest enemy and fly around next to him so when you spawn you can immediately attack and kill him (no manual targeting required - it will pick the nearest).
  • Tank event in Wartune is not for relaxed / calm people - in this event you must go mad and click like mad and move like mad :)
I am sure i can write more, but this is enough :)

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