Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Guide to Level 60 Legendary Gear Synthesis

(Posted by TerrorBlade)

Hi friends! here are some details to get a lvl 60 legendary set . first you will be needing a synthesizing material which u can get either from 60-65 or 65-70 drops or u can buy in crypt shop with crypt tokens and you will need lvl 5 crystaloid 300 of them which u can get from drop boxes of 60+ dungeons or you can buy from the crystaloid pack whne it comes in shop for sale. after u get these 2 u can syntheses it in blacksmith with 150k gold a normal lvl 60 pve gear.

After you get these done u need 150 lvl 60 legendary stone ( you can buy from lvl 10 guild shop limit 5 per day or you can get these from moon evil den nightmare mode or demon trails nightmare and there is summoner only at demontrails) and u need 15 lvl 60 epic gear shrad that u need to buy with insignias from arena shop 800 per shrad and in total u will need 12k insignias for 15 shards. Then u will have to go to black smith and synthesize it with 700k gold .

Hope this helps you guys ! thank you! 

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