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Archer Guide and Overview

(Posted by Stoned1 of the DolyGames Team; Edited by Cosmos)(Note: this was prepared before the 3.45 patch update)

As in most games, all classes have their purpose. In Wartune the role of the archer is to make maximum damage while usually “hiding” behind a knight until a mage heals you. Having the right astrals and stats help keep you alive during heavy AOE skills whether it’s PVP or PVE.

Top priority for us archers is maximum damage, so best is to max out all that helps us in that department as I will point out next.


Well easiest way to start pumping some juice into your character is upgrading astrals. If you are a daily player upgrading gold and red astrals to level 7-8 won’t take too long as we got 2 world bosses and DI which give a good gold boost. While doing astrals you get star points that you can exchange. I recommend NOT to use until you have got a few reds and don’t end up buying then getting them for free also. It is very frustrating when this happens!

Well for archers these are what astrals you need and in what order to level them up.

Enhanced Illusion I love as it is great when it works during an ultimate sylph hit! Holy Enshieldment and Enhanced Deflection are the 2 astrals you can play with a bit and switch them to Enhanced Guardian Angel and Enhanced Regeneration. Sacred Gemini must be put in an advanced astral spot.

I borrowed this from my friend COSMOS so u can see what you get from each level. It doesn’t look like a lot but it adds up nicely in time when they are leveled up to 8+ :)


These are the stats you should focus on getting on each piece from refining your gear. Refining the 80 set is a pain as 80 refinement stones are hard to gather up. On the good side refinement locks stack up fast so you can lock the stats you need.

  • Strength gives +4Patk and +1Pdef for each point
  • Defense gives +4Mdef and +4Pdef
  • Crit Pdef and Patk are point for point
GOOD LUCK with this part – you gonna need it! :)


Now gems are hard to level so I suggest to ONLY do them during an event. Last few events gave great rewards and gave an extra gem of the same level and a bundle of gem packs (hope to see more of that).The green number under the gem is from soul engraving bonus. As soul crystals are gathered up very easy lets just say its maxed at level 80 already.

PATK gem is a must on all 8 pieces and leveled up first when given the chance. With the rest of the gems I evened them out and now have 8 PATK and 6 each HP, PDEF, MDEF, Crit. Some don’t use HP gems at all, but as you see, a level 9 HP gem gives me 7270 HP per gem – Total 43620 HP. Once all HP level 10 it's almost 55000 HP.

Note by Cosmos: remember you will always find people with other points of view. Here Stoned1 prefers HP with the reasons that he says, but there might be other archers who prefer another combination.


At level 40 you can start some whipping :). First to do, as always, is Strength. Armor and Endurance is up to you to see what your character is missing most. In the long term it’s not that hard to max all out and even better – wait for a whip event.

  • Each strength upgrade you get 20 PATK and 5 PDEF.
  • Endurance +100 HP.
  • Armor 20 PDEF and 20 MDEF.
  • Intellect leave last as it gives the least for an archer 20 MATK and 5 MDEF.


Not much to say here. Templars are the best at the moment for archers as they have the most PATK. With the PATK Transformation which you should aim for while enlightening, you get an extra 20% on your archer. For maxed out level 80 Templars it comes up to 2820 PATK extra on your archer!


Talent and holy seal(stun) is unlocked at level 50. Each upgrade adds a passive upgrade to one of your existing skills. There is a total of 8 passive skills with a cap at 10 levels. Holy Seal caps at level 99 – Total 179 talents.

Talent points are earned with the player’s exp and gold. So maxing out your talent points also delays leveling up your character which is helpful when trying to get honor points from low level battle ground.

I recommend upgrading these first: 9-2-1-7 and the rest according to what you use most.

At level 10: Stealth (2) decreases all damage by 14%. Fury (1) shorten your Lunatic Fire skill cool down time by 14 secs.

Potency (7) gives Multi-shot skill to decrease rage of Armor piercer by 50% for 2 rounds. I love this one. Basically if it works, AP skill costs 2 rage for 2 rounds if it crits!

Holy Seal (9) is a must too. Get stunned for a few rounds nothing you do can save you in a same level PvP fight.

(Note: this was prepared before the 3.45 patch update)

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