Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elia's Thoughts on the 5/28 Promotions

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, going to try to get some regular posts going. I'll give my thoughts on all the daily promotions that come up in the "Hot" section of the shop. Please share whether you think they're good deals or not. And if you buy things like event chests, let me know how many it took to get epic items and mounts!

Hmmm as I'm getting this post ready I'm realizing it's really close to a couple of these already ending, but at least we can think of them as "for future reference"... :)

[Promotion] Limited Mahra Pack
Duration: 5/26 - 5/28 23:59 (Server Time)
Contains: Mahra x100

Price: 1,750 Balens. Daily limit of 100 per server. Limit of 2 per person every 4 hours.

These limited events are always, at the very least, interesting. I tend to not like the mixed packs that have some combination of mahra/sepulcrum/fate/whips/etc., but these mahra at half regular price are the lowest I've seen -- they're usually only discounted 3.5 cents per mahra (eye-roll worthy). For any medium-to-whale casher, this is probably a ticket to your next upgrade. 

[Promotion] Soul Crystal Pack
Duration: 5/26 - 5/28 23:59(Server Time)

Soul Crystal x10
Price: 49 Balens. Limit of 1000 per day.
Soul Crystal x100
Price: 349 Balens. Limit of 100 per day.
Soul Crystal x1000
Price: 2,999 Balens. Limit of 50 per day.

Every "deal" I've seen on soul crystals are just categorically awful. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone, not even the most whale-y of whales. If you're thinking about cashing for better monthly soul crystal income, I'd wait for a good deal on mount whips, which will get you more rewards from the Love Thy Mount events.

[Promotion] Fashion Core Pack
Duration: 5/28 - 5/31 23:59 (Server Time)

Contains: Fashion Core x1
Price: 269 Balens. Limit of 10 per day.

These are basically for high-cash or whale players that want to do a lot of refines on their clothing. Admittedly, I went right for them... -__- <-- whaleface at myself haha...

Love to hear from you guys ^^ I'll be around a bunch more now, so if you have any questions or just feel like saying hi, gimme a shoutout.

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