Thursday, May 15, 2014

EXP Books Compensation & Limits

Hey guys, so the maintenance of today in Wartune, among doing other things, gave out a compensation for the players of level 71+ (as of April 24th) due to the game changes which reduced the amount of experience required between levels 70 and 80. So that means the people who already walked the difficult road get this compensation.

The compensation was Experience Books - calculated super precisely. Ignoring the smaller books, you would get the following number of 500,000 EXP books:

           Level 71 - 29
           Level 72 - 66
           Level 73 - 115
           Level 74 - 179
           Level 75 - 262
           Level 76 - 386
           Level 77 - 561
           Level 78 - 816
           Level 79 - 1171
           Level 80 - 1663

And here is a screenshot from my mailbox:

So all together I got near 900 million exp in those books.

Now giving a compensation is a good thing, but not thinking is not very good. I saw a whole bunch of people in the chat who are already in their experience limit in Wartune and therefore got nothing at all from the books. Moreover, the books are not allowed to be sold, so you are sort of stuck with absolutely nothing if you are at or near your experience limit.

The second major mistake is that they only posted details in the forum and tons of players don't read the forum, so a lot of people used all the exp books in bulk and by doing this lost everything. Why? Because apparently there is a daily maximum of 40 million of experience allowed and anything above that goes to trash. So you get a second wave of anger against R2 for this second move of wisdom.

Finally, those who did not rush, who did the reading and those lucky enough not to be at the exp limit could feed the books very slowly into their talents. Now this 40 million - they did not explain clearly - is this on top of your regular daily EXP gain or in addition. So to stay on the save side I consumed only 20 million experience, which is 40 books and will just keep on taking 20 mil per day until they run out.