Sunday, May 11, 2014

COSMOS Inventory and No Bag Space

Hey guys, let's get into bag space a little bit and to start with I share with you my bags with very little bag space remaining.

With this very often I run into trouble of not enough space from blitzes or jewel hunt rewards or guild altar, etc, and have to regularly clean up whatever i get new to keep some boxes open, which is very annoying. As Wartune is developing we are getting more and more new items, so more and more our bag space is being used and we didn't get the 9999 items per slot patch yet, which would be awesome.

That said i got to some aggressive cleanup bearing in mind that i don't want to use any soul crystals and whips waiting for some event where i can hopefully get a casher item being a character who doesn't buy items with balens.

So what I did is i got 44 million gold by selling off my beloved 60 set + all those different boxes which require balens to be opened + synthesized gems a little to save some space there + synthesized resistance crystals to reduce those + sold off majority of insignia + spun VIP Tokens to have only 1 slot used rather than 2 + Sold off luck stones below level 5 and probably something else i forgot and liberated a whole bunch of bag space.

The gold got spent in less than a minute continuing enchanting the level 80 ring i have which I almost maxed out - here you can see it costs 7.5 million gold to enchant level 80 to +36: