Saturday, May 24, 2014

Careful not to Buy Wrong Shards!

Hey guys, a while ago I had to upgrade my last 50 set ring on my Mage account so I needed to buy 10 x Level 50 Epic Ring Shards and I had exactly 1200 crypt tokens (well a tiny bit more) so I was totally happy to finally complete my 50 set and ran over to get my epic shards. So I ran over to the Crypt Shop and bought my Epic Shards - yey! - and then ran over to the Blacksmith, clicked Synthesize and, oh, why isn't my ring upgradable?!

 * checking... checking... double-checking... * what's wrong arrrr?!

Well I bought myself Epic Jewel Shards instead of Ring Shards :((( - that's what you get for being excited and doing these kind of things after midnight instead of going to sleep :S

So, I just wanted to share this with you guys to tell you to be careful and check and double-check before you spend your crypt tokens which are hard to get. Actually they are absolutely impossible to get for anyone who is holding level since they can't get any more experience, which means catacombs is not allowed.

As for me, I had to sell my new 10 x 50 Epic Jewelry Shards for 5000 gold... that's right, that's how much 1200 crypt tokens goes for :P

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