Monday, October 21, 2013

GUIDE Troop Enlightenment Level up to 11% PATK Transformation

Hey guys, let's talk about Wartune PATK (or any other) transformation which is coming from the troop enlightenment upgrade.

Here, I have been using millions of daru pumping into getting the level 7 enlightenment bonus. So first up is the PATK before picture where we can see the PATK at 21,747

Next up you see I have already put in 99 million daru and gathered another 27 million for finishing the upgrade. Here it is important to note that you always have a chance to get the next level at any time and if you are so lucky to get that at the beginning you basically avoid using millions and millions of daru. But this is very rare and i did not get this luck here, so I had to invest all the dary. Wartune is a little bit unbalanced in this regard, I know a friend got this luck and avoiding spending more than 300 million daru and that's really insane considering many others had to make that daru.

Anyways, after putting in all the daru I got the next PATK enlightenment level which is level 7 at a bonus of 11%.

And so my PATK went up to 22,024 so in a way this entire huge investment was as strong as 1 astral upgrade :) but ya, we have to work on all the aspects of the game. But remember, if you can upgrade troops then this is better than investing into enlightenment upgrade. My Templars are at my level now so I can't bring them higher at the moment which is why I am pumping into this.

And finally if you want to see the whole video about this I did record it and you can check it out on YouTube or here below, but probably better to click on the YouTube button in the video.

And here the picture thanks to Marta where you can see how much daru you need to go from 8 to 9 and from 9 to 10:

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