Monday, May 19, 2014

Sylph Essence Farming Drops v2

Hey guys, here I share with you tons of data on sylph essence farming in Wartune. We got 43,680 kills of sylphs which is massive and we got drop rates of white, green and blue sylphs as well as spontaneous drops. So let me help you read this.

Out of the 43,680 kills there were 728 exchanges of 60 pack sylph essences. Out of these, the vast majority, 673 times, which is 92.4%, were simple white sylphs. Then 52 of these, representing 7,1% out of all exchanged, were green sylphs and only 3 were blue ones with a tiny 0.4% chance. That's right - everyone out there who got a blue sylph drop is very very lucky! And lastly, out of all these kills 67 sylphs dropped from the kill which means that only 0.2% of the time you get an instant drop.

Thanks to the 3 guys who sent me the data for this report. So what do you guys think? Is this in line with your expectation or you expected more or less?