Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Class Wars Rules 29th May 2014

Hey guys, this is the 11th Wartune Class Wars coming up on the 29th of May. Are you ready for it? :) I know I never am :)

So let's go over the rules and such:

During the preliminaries of the Class Wars the matching system will put together players based on the number of points each person has earned. It is not a super strict system but rather that of probabilities, so the close the points the higher the probability that those 2 people will fight one another.

Winners get 270 points; Losers get 135 points - for all rounds unlike the older Class Wars where the points were increasing per round.

Top 100 people with the highest score go to to the Finals of the Class Wars and be distributed into:

  • Top 16 go to Warlord's Hall
  • The rest go to Warrior's Hall

Based on Battle Rating!!

Each round the fight will go for maximum of 3 minutes. If the fight is not over then the one who dealt most damage will win. If by some miracle both did same damage then BR will decide the winner.

The Top 30 ranking people in the Finals, so the Top 30 winners, will get more stuff:

  • Ghost Battle Effect (7 days): A buff that offers special effects when using skills such as Delphic Destroyer, Lunatic Fire, Meteoric Destroyer, etc.
  • Summon Treasure Thieves (7 days): This effect can be used once a day; lasts 10 minutes. Upon taking effect, 20 thieves will be summoned in the Guild Chamber every 5 minutes. Players may defeat these thieves to earn Guild Contribution points. (worth half a million gold per thief!!!)
  • Server Wide EXP Bonus for the top Server Finisher. (The most hated thing for all those people holding level :P hehehe)

Ranks 1 to 10 --> 50% bonus
Ranks 11 to 20 --> 40% bonus
Ranks 21 to 30 --> 30% bonus

What are your opinions? expectations? put in the comments!

Here the video from April Class Wars: