Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wartune Mega Amethyst Cart

Hey guys, check it out, you can get together with 3 friends and get a mega cart for the Amethyst Mine collection of amethyst crystals. This cart is awesome! It can carry 5,000 amethyst crystals per person during the double time 21:00 server time.

What is also awesome is that if someone attacks you then you can defend it with all the 3 party members and they have to get 3 people to attack you to initiate the battle and if they don't get 3 people in 20 seconds then their attack is cancelled.

The bad thing is that if one of your members runs off then the cart stops because it is heavy you see? And then you gotta get someone else to help push it. Worst case you can unload 400 crystals from it per person and go submit individually or return to the start and start a new mega amethyst cart team.

(this post is a joke :P cause sometimes I like to create fun Wartune related stuff, it is not real so do not email me where to find it ^^)

And another funny Wartune thing to share with you:

(For those who didn't get the above: WC definition: "WC commonly refers to a water closet (flush toilet)")