Sunday, May 11, 2014

v1 Drop Rates Mother's Gift with Glistening Wings

Hey guys, here the Version 1 drop rates analysis of the Mother's Gift box which contains the Glistening Wings and, as well, the free falling box called "A Gift for Mother" which gives small free rewards and contains the 25 balen opening box "Loving Parcel".

So on the first one, I got the Glistening Wings on my Mage Kabam account from 200 boxes. Unknownoob was more lucky with getting both a 100 drop and a wing drop in his 35. Otherwise, Carnations, the monthly event item, was, as expected around the 50% drop rate.

This free box is nice in that it is giving free additional rewards even if they are not huge. The tiny amounts of soul crystals and insignia can pretty much be ignored but the gold, daru and sepulcrum are always nice for the free players.