Monday, May 26, 2014

The Experience Trap for Level Holders

Hey guys, there is a new development in Wartune which is dangerous for those people who are holding level and working on increasing their honor. I noticed this, or it's more correct to say "I felt this", on my mage account who is holding at level 59. I had a healthy "2-3 fingers long" on my exp bar until next level and slowly but steadily this distance was going down until now there is just a small amount left until level 60.

Why is this happening? This is because of the newly introduced rewards in Wartune where they couple the monthly event items which everyone wants to collect with an experience reward like shown on this picture:

Now you see that just collecting this reward 1 time will give you 50,000 experience and unfortunately I have been collecting these and so my EXP kept on rising...  when I noticed this I stopped picking up these rewards and now I am careful about this and I advice all the players who are holding level to be super careful of these.

What we can't know is:

 - Did they do this knowingly to push the level holders to higher levels where not spending money becomes much more difficult?

 - Or did they put this in to give us less rewards, because experience is worth nothing really compared to practically anything else. (Standing next to the 50k daru in that picture that exp is not even worth 5% of that)

What do you think? Put your opinions in the comments section below.

But whatever the reason is, if you are holding level, be careful with these events and, yes, you might have to sacrifice the monthly event item, unfortunately, not to accidentally level up.