Friday, May 9, 2014

Videos of Sky Trail + Clothing ID + Arena + GM Stables + WB Survive

Hey guys, sharing with you here 5 Wartune videos, first 3 from me on Sky Trail, Clothing Identification, Group Arena and a guide for Jewel Hunt mini-game in Wartune, then 1 ivo found GM leveling up stables from level 1 to level 8 and last of an archer surviving World Boss attack.

Wartune Gameplay SKY TRAIL patch 2.46 Part II and Clothing Identification

Wartune Gameplay Level 80 Group Arena Cross Server with Ygg and Toly

Wartune GUIDE Jewel Hunt and Tips patch 2.46 Part II by COSMOS Mage at Kabam

Video of a GM of wartune leveling stables from lvl 1 to 8 !

(thanks ivo)

Archer surviving World Boss attack with a Guardian Rune (he does have 360k+ HP)