Friday, May 30, 2014

Collecting Data for Drop Rate reports

Hey guys,  I wanna mention few things for which you can help, so if you can support with any of these things just with a simple email so I can make Wartune reports for everyone that would be great help for everyone:

1) Collecting data to make drop rate reports for:
(This is a real Alpaca)

  • Sky Trail's HEAVEN HORN for NON-CASHERS only - that is only 1 horn per use - no balen usage
  • WHEEL OF FATE for non-cashers only (1 spin) - no balen usage
  • WARRIOR'S MARK  for only saying what extra item you get on top of the Mount Spirit (for this even 1 is ok as it's a rare item)

Minimum 20, please don't send just 1-2 numbers.

Email me for example:

  • Opened 30 of Novice Summoner's Kit, got X this and X that.
  • Opened 40 Heaven Horns and got X this and X that.

2) For CASHER supporters:
What part of the game (events? items? features) did you spend most of your balens on? And approximately how many balens?
Example could be: "I spent most (about 20,000 balens) on mount training whips"

Thank you! Please keep emails as short as possible (I get many per day)
Again my email is: