Sunday, May 4, 2014

Archer World Boss Attack Sequence

Hey guys, here is to share with you a World Boss attack sequence for Archer class. Below you will see a video from Sekyr who asked me to share with you his demonstration, so you can copy it and increase your earnings with the World Boss.

And here is some explanation with the video:

Step 1) The first thing you gotta do is straight away cast Deep Freeze followed by a sylph activation the moment your character moves.

Step 2) As explained in another post about using runes with sylphs, when you see the text "Awaken" activate your brutality rune with the shortcut.

Step 3) You will be doing 4 sylph attacks (see video which types) and reverting back to Deep Freeze.

Step 4) Once you use Deep Freeze hit the AFK mode button (bottom right) for just 1 round, which allows you to quickly auto-select another skill.

Step 5) If your PC strength and internet connection allows it use only Armor Pierce and Multi-shot. If you fail too much with that then switch to Arrow strike which is a faster skill (but less damage).

Note, with each round you gotta make sure to have 35 rage for the following round.
So check out the video below and best of luck!