Friday, May 2, 2014

Cosmos Fan Art and Advice

Hey guys, it's always wonderful to have fans and receive positive energy from so many people. So thanks a lot for being my fans and appreciating my work. Here Harsh made some fan art which I want to share - thanks Harsh and I want to highlight to everyone the following things:

1) Whatever you do in life do it with a high quality and passion - that's the only way to develop yourself and earn respect.

2) There is nothing that you cannot do or achieve no matter who you are. All the art made below is wonderful and every one of you can learn to do wonderful art with photoshop - just look at youtube or web tutorials for photoshop and learn little by little.

3) This blog is completely open to sharing, you know I have posted articles and pictures from lots of other people and gives author rights to many as well. So if you have anything interesting about Wartune feel free to share with me to post on the blog - this can be data from boxes, or art like the art below or a guide to explain things or anything else that you think other Wartune players will enjoy.

Thanks again to Harsh and all my fans and have a great weekend!

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