Saturday, January 25, 2014

To my WarMachine Guild fans

Hey guys, a big thank you to my Wartune fans from the WarMachine Guild led by Guild Master Zoieraptor (Kabam server no. 5 oceanic) for supporting me both in our Wartune passion and with a little gift. Thanks!

And also congrats to Rono for his great achievement in Class Wars! (2nd in mages!!!). Gjob! Now go back to the library and read up on those spells cause #1 is still up for grabs :) hehe

You see how awesome it is when you have such a friendly group of people - you end up having much more fun and you are also more successful in Wartune! So make sure you guys get into a good guild like the WarMachine and if a good one does not exist then create a great guild yourself and enjoy your time in Wartune!

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