Friday, December 12, 2014

Use Dimensional War Buffs To Your Advantage!

(posted by Ashira of the DolyGames Team)

Hey guys,

As some of you know, I was stuck at Level V Stage 3 in Sky Trail and was quite frustrated with it, since I was not close to beating it even after the boost that the Hall of Fame rewards gave me.

However, we have a new strategic piece in handling our challenges in both PVE and PVP now – Dimensional War. The rewards gained from Dimensional War are nice already, but using the right maps there can help you beat bosses that you wouldn’t be able to beat otherwise, as occupying dimensions boosts the relevant resistance.

In my case, I knew I had to increase my Wind resistances, so that the V-3 boss does not hit that hard and I can avoid using defensive skills, such as Shield or Apollo Shield. Therefore, I used a Basic Wind Dimension and an Intermediate Wind Dimension and from occupying all 5 stages in the Basic Dimension and 6 stages in the Intermediate Dimension, these are the boosts I received:

The boost is really substantial! My wind resistance (with an Electro Sylph on) is usually only 250 (-200 base statistics and +90 from each Level 7 Wind Resistance Crystal), now it increased to a decent 387 – so an increase of 54% just from Dimensional War. The resistance reduction effect has also increased, here my usual value is 555 from the three Level 6 Will Crystals, with the Dimensional War boost it is now 626, so a 13% boost. So yeah, the Dimensional War boost helps you deal more damage and take less damage at the same time, which is awesome. With this boost, I was finally able to kill the nasty goblin that is the Sky Trail V-3 boss.  

Try to use the Dimensional Maps in a smart way! For PVE, if you are stuck at a level in Sky Trail, use maps of this element in Dimensional War to increase your chance to beat it. For PVP, if you face mostly Electro Sylphs in Class Wars (Knights, Archers), you can boost your Electro Resistance this way, while mages can boost their chances in Class Wars most by using Dark Maps in Dimensional War.