Friday, December 5, 2014

Attitude Against Cashers

Hey guys, this Casher/Non-Casher Attitude topic in Wartune is a more sensitive topic so if you comment or discuss please do not insult each other *smile*. I also add my opinion at the bottom and you are also more than welcome to add your opinions in the comments below and I will say it straight away that insulting someone else has never brought anything positive, so if you want someone else to do what you ask then then respecting this person and speaking in a normal way has a much higher chance of success than insulting.

Attitude Against Cashers

(by Ashira of the DolyGames Team; additional opinion by Cosmos at the end)

Why is it that there are so many non-cashing players out there who think it’s cool and appropriate to insult cashing players? And who act like it’s a major achievement to be a non-casher?

If you are a non-casher and have such great strategy and gameplay that you can beat players who spent considerable cash on the game (and who started the game at approximately the same time as you, since this is also a factor), then well done, in terms of the game THAT is an achievement and you can be proud of it. But being a non-casher in itself is not an achievement, just like being a casher is not.

It happens so often in group arena or in battlegrounds that as a casher (which obviously I am) you happen to meet players you never came across before and who are non-cashers, and just because you’re a casher (since that’s the only thing they know about you) they insult you, sometimes go as far as insulting your family, want you to die. Fair enough, I find it uncivilized to act that way, but apparently some people consider it necessary and everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

What I don’t get is another type of non-cashing player that feels kind of arrogant about being a non-casher, like that makes him/her a superior human being or something. Again, it’s people whom you never met before, sharing with you such intelligent comments as “Stupid casher, get a car instead”. I always wonder what these people think? So you think your comment is witty and smart? Do you think people who spend thousands of dollars on a game like Wartune easily do not have a nice car already? That they cannot afford putting butter and cheese on their bread because they spent all their earnings on Wartune? I find comments like that amusing to say the least. Mostly, because I doubt it is anybody’s business what you spend your money on or how you spend your money. Yes, we all know that we are spending money on digital goods that (according to the Terms of Service) do not even belong to us. Yes, we do know that to an extent this can be seen as wasting money. The whole point is though, the big cashers do have that money to waste. How many times did you go to a night club and went up to an investment banker and insulted him for getting a bottle of champagne for 600 dollars? Right, never. So why not handle it the same way here? Yeah, we know it is a waste of money, but we do play the game and spending money (an amount of money that might appear a lot to you, but that is just a little bit that does not matter to other people) makes us enjoy playing it more, otherwise we would not spend money. And comments like “Stupid casher, get a car instead” just make you appear like a massive envy-driven jerk, because in the end you only express that you’d also like to have that kind of money to waste.

Non-casher also indirectly wastes money

That said, you think you’re not wasting resources as a non-casher? You play Wartune, which is time-consuming enough as it is, and arguably, as a non-casher it takes you even more time to complete daily tasks than a casher, so since this is most definitely not the most productive way you can spend your time, you most definitely waste time. And time is money. So you waste money too. Get a car instead with the money you could earn whilst spending your time productively instead of playing Wartune! Well, you get the message.

Free players but cheaters vs. non-cheating Cashers

Also, next time you think about insulting a cashing player because “you’re almost of same strength despite being a non-casher”, think twice. Are you using bots? Are you having alt accounts that you use for your own char’s benefit? Did you exploit things like Wilds Shop bug? Did you share your password to make others improve your char while you are offline? If any of this is true, you have no reason to feel proud about killing a cashing player. They are non-cheating cashers, you are a non-cashing cheater. They exploit ways to be stronger within the rules, you exploit ways to be stronger outside of the rules. I don’t know about you, but in real life I am more impressed by people who manage to rise to power not breaking the law than I am by people who break laws and are only powerful for that reason (but maybe that’s just me and everybody else finds mafia bosses highly respectable).

Majority of non-cashers / free players are nice people

Of course this does not apply to all non-cashers, the majority has a nice attitude and I enjoy playing with non-cashers (my team are all low- or non-cashers), as they tend to be more relaxed about the game. It is only some selected few who tend to think that being a non-casher gives them a justification for being a massive jerk. And of course these few aren't going to change anyway – however, at least you should know that every time you insult big cashers for the sole reason that they spend cash, they will probably be sitting in front of their computer with a good glass of wine and caviar sandwiches thinking about your comment “Haha, go on, embarrass yourself”, rather than crying themselves to sleep because of your ‘hurtful’ comments.

Don't put your nose in other people's business

So yeah, play your game, try to build your character the way you want to build it - and also let other players play their game and develop their characters the way they desire. It is their choice, it is their decisions, but it is really none of your business – just like you do not go up to a guy wearing an expensive suit telling him “Stupid idiot, you should have purchased a cheap suit at H&M instead of that Hugo Boss one, it’s a waste of money”.

PS: Of course this issue is not restricted to non-cashers completely. If you are the second strongest player on your server and talk nonsense about the strongest player (without knowing anything about him) and his cashing even though you spent thousands of dollars yourself, think twice about it what that says about you. Jealousy paired with ignorance is a bitch!

Additional opinion by COSMOS

(in no particular order)

1) The chance of you getting what you want by insulting the person who you want to do what you want is very very low. You have hundreds of years of human history to see that anything that was forced or done in an aggressive way has always been resisted - basically met with an equal or greater opposite reaction.

2) My Knight was 100% free player for 1+ year and after that 99% free player buying only VIP/Spirit to save me time so I can work more. This is a choice not an achievement like Ashira said. I can put more money into the game but I choose not to because I want to achieve things without putting money. But this choice has a consequence, which is that I will never be #1 and most of the time I will be killed by cashers and I understand this and I accept this and therefore I never insult cashers because the result has nothing to do with them, but has to do with my own choice.

3) Don't forget that without cashers this game would not exist. I read somewhere that the owners of Wartune generate ~5 million USD per day (worldwide) and that's the only reason why the game exists for years and continues to have pretty regular updates and new features which everyone gets to enjoy.

4) Are all cashers nice? No, of course not, because being nice or not nice has less to do with cashing and more to do with the person's personality. There are both plenty of rude cashers as well as non-cashers and it is not our job to change their life - we are only responsible for our own standards, our own behavior and no nice person should ever go down to the same level of a rude person, casher or not.

5) Are we perfect? No also - we are all humans and make mistakes. I have insulted players myself who have given me a lot of hatred, sometimes you just get really angry and burst out. Did this ever result in anything positive? No, never.

6) Lastly, if you really feel like insulting because something is really unfair to you then at least put it where it belongs. I see very often players insulting players when the real blame lies with the way the system is designed by people who don't care to listen to players feedback. Top players especially are competitive by nature so if they are forced by the game to kill low levels they will do that to remain on top, which is not their fault but the fault of the game design.