Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cheapest Source of Resistance Crystals (For Cashing Players)

(Posted by Ashira of the DolyGames Team) (newly joined)

At the moment, we have three ways to obtain resistance crystals in the game via cashing. It is every player’s individual choice to cash for something or not, but if one decides to cash on something, it is a good idea to find the cheapest source at least.

The three sources are:
  • Level 1 Resistance Crystal (Regular Shop)
  • Hot Event Resistance Crystal Chests
  • Higher-Quality Treasure Hunt

Let us explore the cost for each of these sources – the assumption here is that the player wants to obtain a large number of resistance crystals in a relatively short period of time, so for Treasure Hunt, I will only consider Orange/Gold Treasure Hunt.

1) Regular Shop 

The price of a Level 1 Resistance Crystal in regular shop (on Page ‘Gems’) is 145 Balens.

2) Hot Event Chests 

As always, R2 does not give us the exact drop rates for the chest items, so we have to rely on empirical data. For the purpose of this article, I got 200 of these event chests from the shop and recorded the statistics. I separated the 200 chests in four subsamples to see how diverse the results can be (clearly, the results are not completely accurate with a sample size of 200, but it can be considered a good approximation). In the table, ‘Sample 1’ refers to the first 50 chests opened, ‘Sample 2’ refers to the second 50 chests opened, etc.

Sample #
30 Crystals
40 Crystals
100 Crystals
300 Crystals
600 Crystals
1000 Crystals
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Drop Rate

So, as you can see, from 200 chests for 4000 Balens, I got 15880 resistance crystal shards. Roughly half of the chests dropped only 30 crystals and I got not a single drop with 1000 crystals in this sample, which I consider unusual based on previous experience with these chests. So those 15880 shards are probably a rather low number for 200 chests opened.

Now since I spent 4000 Balens and got 15880 shards (which is equal 158.8 Level 1 Resistance Crystals), this makes the price for one Level 1 Resistance Crystal equal to 4000/158.8 = 25.18 Balens. So the price here is just over a sixth of the price they charge in the regular shop.

3) Orange Treasure Hunt

For orange Treasure Hunt, it is incorrect to take the entire rewards from it as a reward for the Balens spent, because it is possible to do green Treasure Hunt completely free. So we can only consider the difference in rewards of orange Treasure Hunt versus green Treasure Hunt as reward for the Balens spent.

I make two assumptions for the calculations below:

  • I assume that a team of four people does a full orange Treasure Hunt (i.e. 5 orange maps) and that each of the four people gets the final map every 4th day, which means that every day a single player gets 5/4 = 1.25 orange maps.
  • I assume that on average 2 out of the 5 summoned bosses (i.e. 40%) are elite bosses. This is an estimate based on experience in the game.

Now let us first calculate the rewards you get for green Treasure Hunt under the assumptions made:

A normal green boss in a party of 4 gives 36 crystal shards, and an elite green boss in a party of 4 gives 48 crystal shards. Since we assumed that 2 out of the 5 bosses are elites, this results in a reward of 3 * 36 + 2 * 48 = 208 crystal shards.

For orange Treasure Hunt, the calculation is a bit more complex, since there is an additional bonus if you summon the orange boss yourself (as opposed to teammates summoning it). In a party of 4, a normal orange boss summoned by a teammate gives 108 crystal shards, a normal orange boss summoned by you gives 144 crystal shards, an elite orange boss summoned by a teammate also gives 144 crystal shards, and an elite orange boss summoned by you gives 192 crystal shards. Using the assumptions made above (that you – on average – get 1.25 out of the 5 maps each day and that 40% of the summoned bosses are elites), this results in the following table:

Category Reward (Shards) Number of Bosses (in this Category) Total Rewards
(Reward * Number)
Elite (You)
1.25*40% = 0.5
Normal (You)
1.25*60% = 0.75
Elite (Mate)
3.75*40% = 1.5
Normal (mate)
3.75*60% = 2.25

As can be seen, under these assumptions, orange Treasure Hunt gives on average 663 resistance crystal shards as reward. Taking into account the rewards from green Treasure Hunt, this means we get 663 – 208 = 459 shards (or 4.59 Level 1 Resistance Crystals) as additional rewards in orange Treasure Hunt for a Balen cost of 1.25 maps * 120 Balens (for 1-time refresh) = 150 Balens. This makes the cost of a Level 1 Resistance Crystal equal to 150/4.59 = 32.68 Balens.

Conclusion: So if I want to spend 150 Balens per day on Resistances, what should I do?

Never ever even think about getting those crystals from regular shop, for the 150 Balens you would only get 1.03 Level 1 Resistance Crystals.

Doing Orange Treasure Hunt, the 150 Balens give you 4.59 Level 1 Resistance Crystals. You have no other way to gain free crystals though, since you can only do 5 treasure maps for rewards per day.

Purchasing the Hot Event chests, the 150 Balens give you 5.96 Level 1 Resistance Crystals. However, you can also gain more free crystals on the same day, since you can do 5 green treasure maps, which gives you an additional 2.08 Level 1 Resistance Crystals, as calculated above. So this gives you a total of 8.04 Level 1 Resistance Crystals per day.

In conclusion, if you have a limited amount of Balens to spend, your best option to gain resistance crystals fast are the Hot Event chests + doing green Treasure Hunt. The advantage of this strategy is even more severe than displayed above, since you also get quite a bit of gold with the purchased Hot Event chests, and you avoid the trouble of finding a party for doing orange Treasure Hunt (which – compared to finding a party for green Treasure Hunt – can be really time-consuming). That said, keep in mind that the calculations are based on a relatively small sample of 200 purchased chests and that with Hot Event chests buying only a small amount of them involves a risk of getting really unlucky and a chance of getting really lucky – so if you only have a very limited budget to spend on these chests (say, you would buy only 20 chests) AND you are a very risk-averse person, this strategy might not be appealing to you.