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Wartune Patch 3.45 Part One review and Guides.

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, the test servers just got the new patch today and they have more new features than the description R2Games gave. If the images are too small then please feel free to enlarge it by clicking the image.

Sylph Arena

The rewards are changed which is great but sad at the same time. Sylph Arena was a great income of  Sylph Sepulcrum but now it won't be. You will still get Sylph Sepulcrum but it will be once per week. The good thing is that you will get sylph gear shards which will increase more battle rating than you can with plain Sepulcrums.

Daily Prize:

Weekly Prize:
It seems that the higher ranking rewards are not shown. They might update it once all the other servers get's this patch.

The league is divided into four groups just like League Arena Rankings.
Below 2,000 Points is the Iron Group
Above 2,000 Points is the Silver Group
Above 5,000 Points is the Gold group
Above 10,000 Point is the Diamond Group
The ranking board does resets every 30 minutes so you don't have to wait a whole day just to see your ranking.

Sylph Gear

The most interesting thing this patch has is Sylph Gear. After a week or two people's Sylph battle Rating will soar because of the Sylph Gear. Getting the pieces takes a lot of patience and depends how much you will get from your Sylph Arena ranking.

  • Level 50+ with a Sylph
  • 400 Sylph Equipment Shards per piece.
  • Sylph Quality rare and above. (Blue Sylph)
There are total of 6 Equipment to make which means that you need 2,400 Sylph Equipment Shards to make all 6 Equipment.

Just like our equipment's, the Sylph gear has Enchanting and Refining.


Enchantment increases base attributes. You receive blessing if the enchantment fails. Enchantment will be raised one level after blessing is full.
To enchant your equipment you need three things:

  • Gold (Not sure exact amount)
  • Magical Moonlight
  • Glint of Magic


Any new attribute through refinement must be swapped to take effect. Refinement will consume Golden Holy Water. Locking an attribute to keep it from changing during refinement will consume Balens.

The Cloud Adventures and Space War is one of the Levels of Dimensional War. 

Jewel Hunt:

Jewel Hunt has been updated with new rewards in the Lost Treasure of Antiquity Chests. The rewards are great but the sad part is that jewel hunt shards have been removed. 

Vulcan Pack:

When we got patch 3.1 the Signet Training was removed and after another update it was back again. Items disappear in new patches and they might come back. 

Amethyst Mines:

You know how you are in double time mines and your afraid that you will get attacked by people. No worries after all get servers now. You can't fight in the first level of the Amethyst Mines but you can plunder/fight in the second level. Sadly, the Amethyst Exchange rewards have not been changed or updated.
There are three types of Amethyst Ore:
  • Primary Amethyst Ore: Collect Amethyst x20 each time, each ore can be collected 3 times.
  • Intermediate Amethyst Ore: Collect Amethyst x60 each time, each ore can be collected once.
  • Advanced Amethyst Ore: Fill the mine-cart with a single collection (maximum x100).
The ore will randomly refresh on the map. The second level has more ore.

New Troops:

We were expecting the new level 70 troops and they are sort of here finnaly. When patch 3.45 part two comes, I am defiantly sure we will get these new troops. Click Here for a estimation of how much Daru needed to upgrade the troops by Cosmos.

Itemlock/ Fourth inventory page.

It is finally here! A fourth page of inventory page. This is great news for the players who have to keep thier 100,000+ Soul Crystals in thier Vualt. The Itemlock a great feature for everyone, especially for the ones who are making their gears. One of the biggest problem that happens to a lot of players is accidental selling.

Fourth Inventory page:

To unlock the fourth page of inventory you need to have all three inventory pages unlocked first.
The fourth page of inventory is not a permanent inventory page. You basically have to rent it which is 200 Balens/Bound Balens per month. After the month ends, the items will be sent to mail if you don't pay the rent for the next month.


  1. Players can set Itemlock to lock equipment, items, Astrals, and Sylphs.
  2. Locked items cannot be sold; locked equipment cannot be disenchanted, refined, or have gems removed; locked Astrals cannot be one-clicked synthesized or fed; Sylph cannot be engulfed or sacrificed, 
  3. If you need to perform any of the above operations then you need to click on the lock icon (top right corner), confirm your password and then click on the item to unlock it.

Quick Shop:

Insignia has been overflowing and stacking up for many players. Some players are too lazy to go to arena shop or mines shop but that won't happen anymore.
All of the shops and exchange can be accessed by clicking the profile page for a short cut.

Sylph Essence and Insignia can now be stored in the exchange and shop. By clicking the Insignia/Sylph Essence and then "Use in Bulk" you can store those items in the exchange/shop.

New titles:

Seems like every new big patch we get some new titles and in this patch there are eight new titles!

The "Eternal" titles can be earned from the Dimensional War Event.

Hero Mode on Campaign:

Players can enter activate and enter a Hero Dungeon after clearing and receiving a S assessment of the same dungeon's Normal difficulty. Players can receive an SSS Assessment Reward through in-game mail by clearing the dungeon map with an SSS Assessment. 
The rewards are better than the Normal Mode rewards as well as the Map Clearing Bonus rewards. You have three Hero Dungeon Attempts per day and you can buy more attempts for only 20 Balens/Bound-balens. Here are the previews of the map clearing bonus rewards of all maps.

Autaric Plains (Lvl. 1-20)
No Rewards and Hero Mode for this Map

Murken Forest (Lvl. 20-30)

Fetid Swamp (Lvl. 30-40)

Deathly Sands (Lvl. 40-50)

Erandel (Lvl. 50-60)

The Demon Void (Lvl. 60-70)

Immortal Pass (Lvl.70-80)

Dimensional War:

This "Dimesnional War is kind of like underground palace and is a solo event which is really great.
The requirements to do this event are:

  • You have to be level 55+
  • Recommend to have a Sylph.
  • Energy to transport to the Dimension (The higher your resistance, the fewer Energy will be consumed).

When you activate the Dimension by simply doing a question, you will randomly receive a Dimension. I got the Hellish Dimensional that has the Dark Stat which means I need to have a strong Dark resistance. Resistance in this event makes a big difference. and so does your Sylph you are using. Everyday you will receive a reward which will be sent in-game mail. 
To walk around the Dimensional you need Energy. This is not the Energy that you use to transport to the Dimension or anywhere in the wilds. I don't know why they named both, the Energy to transport and Energy to walk around the Dimesion the same thing. I hope they change the name once all servers get the path because it confused a lot of players that tried this event for the first time.

Each step consumes around 30 "steps" (let's call it it steps so it wont be confusing). When I started and walked one step, it went from 1,500 to 1571 so it is around 30 to 29 steps.
Just like Underground Palace, steps aren't consumed when you walk on explored areas. The good thing about this event is that the Dimensional saves the explored area for you so you can easily go to the next level in a day or two.

Rare treasures can be searched by consuming Energy (Steps)

If you are in rush to level up and you worried that you won't get all of the rewards from the previous level, then don't worry because you can enter the previous level anytime you want to. There are five levels (sections) in my Dimension and there may or may not be the same levels for the other ones.
Here are some of the items, obstacles, offers, etc I found in level two.

These are some of the best deals so far. I would consider buying the Mire Runestone for that price. It costs more than 160 Balens in Mystery Shop and getting this rune from runestone event is low unless you have lots of runes. To buy a revive attempt you need 30 Balens but over here it is 20 Balens which is 10 Balens off! The sad part of this Merchant Shop is that Bound-Balens are not accepted.

When you fall upon this, you take a very big risk. The thing I hate about underground palace is that you never know when you will die. In this event, you die when you can't kill the obstacles. When you die, you have an option to revive with 30 Balens or use a Gods Redemption. After starting this event for the first time, you automatically have one God's Redemption. If you get an extra one, it saves until you use it which means that it does not reset.

In the treasure draw, it seems like Balens is the most common thing to get from.

After defeating a Dimensional Guardian, you get Basic Coordinate Shards which can be synthesized to get a Basic Coordinate Shard, There are three diffrent types of Coordinate shards which can be found by defeating A Guardian in different levels and diffrent types of Dimensions.

  • Basic Coordinate Shard
  • Intermediate Coordinate Shard
  • Advanced Coordinate Shard

By synthinizing these chest you will get a chance for a greater chest and get a Dimension depending on what you synthesize. The Dimension types can be different but the rewards that you receive in there are greater.
The Dimension Name can be changed when you reach the Dimension progress to 100%. Each Dimension has a certain lifespan, when life is 0, the Dimension will vanish, players can use Dimensional Essence to renew the Dimension's life. Dimensional Essence can be found randomly in the Dimension. Resistance rewards will continue to take effect as long as the Dimension exists.

Some small changes:

Loading screen is changed.

The "Coming Soon Guild Quarry is removed".

There is a new stat called "Shock"

The "Coming Soon" is removed from the Wheel of Fate.

You can no longer view other's profile.

The Ranks page has been modified. The Guild Level has been removed.
The General Battle Rating Shows your and top 100 player's Battle Rating with full blessing while the player Strength shows Battle Rating with no blessing.

There is a new thing in Guild Contribution which probably has to do with Guild BOSS event.

The background for Sylph Arena, Arena and Duel is changed. All of the backgrounds of these are the same.

The background for Necropolis and Catacombs has been changed too.

The background for PVE Battles has been changed.

I hope you guys enjoyed the previews of the new patch. Comment below your opinion on this new patch.

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