Friday, December 26, 2014

Dimensions Strategy and 15 Video Series on Dimensions

Hey guys, I finished 15 days of video recordings for Dimensions in Wartune and it came out to be very nice Video Series, which I hope you guys will enjoy. In these series there are a lot of tips and strategies and fun and the main important thing we learned for dimensions are:
  • Always run fast and fully occupy the dimension - do not pick up any rewards which are "off-the-path".
  • Always try to open dimensions of the same element, which will boost your resistance for that element and make it cheaper for you to walk (can go as low as 10 energy per step).
  • Always do the Basic dimensions of the same element before you start the Intermediate or Advanced, because you can occupy the Basic ones fast which will give you a resistance boost to make it easier to do the harder dimensions.
  • In the later videos you find that there are 2 and even 3 towers per section, which forces you to explore the whole section.
  • Always take the God's Blessing for Energy Boost even if it is 1 step off your path.
  • Occupy the dimension before even exploring for treasures in the "i feel the treasure is here spots", because this costs 50 energy no matter on your resistances, which can be 2 to 5 extra steps.
  • Only go back and start cleaning up dimensions, picking up all treasures, if you have fully occupied maximum dimensions (2 for non-VIP and 5 for VIP) or if you simply were not lucky and didn't find any more dimension coordinates.

Basic Dimension Buffs

These add up to:
  • +50 to resist and another 5% on top for resist
  • and +25 for resist reduction and another 3% on top

Intermediate Dimension Buffs

These add up to:
  • +125 to resist and another 10% on top for resist
  • and +50 for resist reduction and another 5% on top

Advanced Dimension Buffs

These add up to:
  • +225 to resist and another 25% on top for resist
  • and +100 for resist reduction and another 10% on top

Towers to be occupied per level are: 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 8
Thanks to Johnny L, for this info on Advanced Dimension.

Article by Ashira we already posted here

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Video Playlist with all my 15 days of Dimension Videos:

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