Monday, December 15, 2014

148 million gold + 429 items for one +20

Hey guys, when I was watching Elia's Sylph Equipment Enchant video I was pretty awe-struck at the huge amount of resources required to get one +20 equipment item. So I grabbed bits and pieces and made this 1 collage style image to share with everyone (you can enlarge it more if you want).

Sylph Equipment Enchant Madness: 148 million gold + 429 items for one +20

  • Elia started with ~212m gold and 952 Glints & Moonlights
  • for +10 she spent ~25 mil gold and 141 Glints & Moonlights
  • then she upgraded to purple
  • then an additional ~123 mil gold and 288 Glints & Moonlights to get to +20
I think this is a ridiculous quantity, because our level 80 equipment pieces cost ~93 mil gold to enchant to +36 using also level 8-9 luck stones and these are the top equipment items in the game...

What do you guys think? Do you find this a fair amount or do you agree that this sylph equipment enchanting cost of ~148 mil gold + 429 of Glint/Moonlight is just crazy? 

by the way for anyone who missed that video you can check it out below:

Elia's video on Sylph Equipment Enchant and Upgrade

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