Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Impressions of Sylph Equipment

(posted by Ashira of the DolyGames Team)

Hey guys,

So the new patch is here and even though I am excited and there are nice Hot Events going on right now, there's also a lot of new information to take in. Just like Elia, I am also surprised (but happy!) that the publishers managed to send the HoF rewards yesterday - so credit where credit is due: You did not do as awfully as we all expected this time, R2! Cheers to that!

On to the main part of the article now: Sylph Equipment! As most of you probably have figured out by now, the sylphs are now able to wear equipment, with 6 pieces of equipment on each sylph.

The simplest form of equipment is blue equipment, which we can gain from Blacksmith, where we simply synthesize it from Sylph Equipment shards. These shards are obtained on a daily basis from Sylph Arena and - as almost always in Wartune and in life - the better you perform there, the better your rewards will be. As you can see, you need 400 of the shards to synthesize one piece of sylph equipment.

Of the 6 available pieces of Sylph Equipment, one increases your sylph's attack, another one increases its defense stats, and the remaining 4 increase its HP stat.

Once crafted, you can equip the pieces in the main sylph window (on the stats page, there is now a subpage called 'Equipment'). On the right side, you can see that there are sockets for each piece of equipment, so there will be some sort of gem that we can insert there to further boost stats, but the resources we need for it don't seem to be available yet - unless I am blind and just missed it, in that case please let me know.

As with character equipment, you can also enchant the equipment (as you can see above, the base statistic of the sylph weapon is PATK 650/MATK 650, with enchanting it to Level 10, the gained statistics more than doubled). You can do that in the sylph window on page 'Equipment'.

For enchanting blue-quality equipment, you spend 3 times 'Magical Moonlight' and 3 times 'Glint of Magic' in each attempt - both resources are commonly available from Dimensional War (or Hot Events/Hot Sales, as is the case with everything). The annoying part is that you have no guarantee that enchantment will succeed, you only have a certain success rate - which starts at 50% and decreases quickly for higher enchantment levels. Consistent with enchanting for normal equipment, there's also a gold cost involved for enchantment attempts, again they increase with enchantment level. A successful enchanting attempt increases the Equipment Level immediately, a failed attempt increases the Blessing Points by 5 and increases the success rate by 5%.

Once you have fully enchanted a blue equipment to level 10, you can upgrade it to purple equipment. My weapon is fully enchanted, so I can show you what it looks like.

So in order to upgrade the fully enchanted blue equipment to purple, you need 100 'Blessings of God' (I only have 70 at the moment *sad face*) and 10k gold. As you can see, the base stats of the purple equipment are slightly higher, but since the blue equipment was already fully enchanted it shows the higher stats - this means that it is probably a good idea to wait with the upgrade until you have enough resources to enchant the purple equipment to a high enough level, as otherwise this might result in a temporary loss of strength. For purple equipment, a divinity soul slot is added (which means you could socket two slots instead of one, but since we do not have these resources yet, it makes no difference) and the enchantment upper limit is raised.

As mentioned, the resource you need for upgrading blue equipment to purple is 'Blessings of God', which you can also obtain from Dimensional War or from Events. After upgrading to purple equipment and fully enchanting that piece (which I don't see happening anytime soon), you can then upgrade the equipment to orange quality, which again seems to require a new resource, called 'Gift of God', which you can at this point only get from the merchants in Dimensional War. I do not yet know how many of these we need to upgrade purple to orange, but as soon as I find out, I will of course share it with you guys.

So yeah, that's the information I gathered as of now - it looks like a nice feature for everybody, but - as always - clearly favors cashers quite a bit. If you have any valuable information on the topic or have any questions, please share them in the comments - since this is a new feature in a new patch, many things seem uncertain and it is an ongoing learning process that is most beneficial if we all try to figure out relevant information together!

PS: Since some might be interested, here is a post-patch picture of my character. My BR jumped to around 560k now, mostly due to the BR of the active sylph that is now added to our own BR - so despite the huge BR jumps we see all over the place in the game right now, keep in mind that these are not really an increase in strength if the only source of the BR increase is the added sylph BR, so if I was a 450k+ player who was killed by Sky Trail boss V-3 before, I'm now a 560k player who is still killed by Sky Trail boss V-3, so not sure if that's something to be really happy about.