Saturday, December 27, 2014

R2Games openly shamelessly cheating players

Hey guys, it seems that R2Games has started to openly and shamelessly cheat players with their sales information, which is really a surprise for me - why would you lie to your own paying customers? This is a very bad business decision and will damage them for sure. As someone who promotes Wartune for already 2+ years (even though R2Games treated me like dirt) this makes me feel ashamed in their place.

So what did they do? 

They launched something called "Recharge Gift Pack" which is currently running in-game, where you have to recharge balens (a.k.a. pay money) to get a bonus package.

Immediately on page 1 you see the option of recharging 1000 balens, for which they give you a bonus pack of 1 sylph equipment enchantment pack + 5 mahra + 10 sepulcrum + 100k gold.

The problem is though that they claim in big letters that this pack is valued at 4999 balens and this is a huge lie, and a very obvious one at that! So I am going to break it down just below how much exactly this pack is worth both in official retail price and in market price:

5 Mahra

The official game price (a.k.a. Retail Price) for Mahra in Wartune is 35 balens (picture below), so 5 Mahra would cost 175 balens.

That said the amount that people are willing to pay for this when it is on sale (a.k.a. the Market Price) is more like ~10 balens (so 50 balens for 5).

10 Sepulcrum

Sepulcrum has exactly the same price as Mahra so for 10 this would be 350 balens at retail price or 100 balens at market price.

100k Gold

100k gold in the current stage of the game and in the context of recharging 1000+ balens has no value at all. It is just a shiny decoration. But ok, let's call it 10 balens just to give it something.

1 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Just one pack, although they made it look really cool for an unknown reason, contains simply 3 Magical Moonlights and 3 Glints of Magic. This is enough to click on the enchant button just 1 time (+ you have to pay a lot of gold) and it does not even guarantee success. So how much does 1 press of an enchant button cost? I'll be really generous and say the same amount as a sylph enchant button with mahra, so 35 balens for 3 Magical Moonlights and 3 Glints of Magic or 1 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack.


Retail price conclusion = 175 + 350 + 10 + 35 = 570 balens! Not 4999!!!
Market price conclusion = 50 + 100 + 0 + 10 = 160 balens

So shame on R2Games for lying to their paying customers! and especially during Christmas / New Year holidays.

I hope they wake up from this dirty strategy and build a business based on respecting their customers.

P.S. some people might say this is the fault of 7Road and not R2Games, but it is R2games who runs the European / Western operation and therefore it is their responsibly / fault.

P.P.S. by the way, other levels are also not honest; I am not going to analyze every recharge level, but here are the pictures and you can see that yourself. For example 5000 balens, which they claim is valued at 9999 balens is just at most 3000 balens.