Thursday, December 11, 2014

Level 30 Fishing Rewards

Hey guys, here I want to share with you some cool info about Fishing in Wartune, specifically about level 30 Fishing, thanks to DrOn from Armorgames S5.

Before you see the numbers remember that Level 30 Fishing is pretty hard to get (takes a very long time - months).

  • The level 30 fish gives a 1 hour VIP card
  • But DrOn actually prefers 40 fashion shards daily, which I do agree with him; we can actually calculate this; 30 days VIP is 799 balens, which is equal to 30 x 24 = 720 VIP 1 hour cards, which would require 36 days to collect. Instead, with a ton of patience and accuracy, you can collect up to 120 Fashion Cores, which of course is worth a lot more balens
  • Finally, the wild fish, at level 30 Fishing gives 10 Bound Balens, which is something to consider as well if you want to buy something with BB - this can net you up to 200 BB per day, which is 6000 additional BB per month.

So awesome numbers, but like i said, Level 30 Fishing is not something a lot of people have.