Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nirvana NM Boss Attack Sequence

Hey guys, here we are going to be looking at the attack sequence of the Nirvana NM final boss so that everyone can have an easier time in defeating him. Thanks to ivo pinto for taking the time and gathering the data.

So, as you might know, the final boss in Nirvana Nightmare has an attack that is doing 100,000 damage, which is a pain in the butt, so knowing exactly when he does this helps you be prepared.

It seems he always does the 100k damage right after the third area attack on the group. However, the first time he does 100k is an exception and happens on his 3rd attack.

So counting up all his attacks we have the following sequence:
Attack # 1 (Single Attack)
Attack # 2 (Area Damage)
Attack # 3 (Major Attack 100,000 damage)
Attack # 4 (Single Attack)
Attack # 5 (Area Damage)
Attack # 6 (Single Attack)
Attack # 7 (Area Damage)
Attack # 8 (Single Attack)
Attack # 9 (Single Attack)
Attack # 10 (Single Attack)
Attack # 11 (Area Damage)
Attack # 12 (Major Attack 100,000 damage)
Attack # 13 (Single Attack)
Attack # 14 (Area Damage)
Attack # 15 (Single Attack)
Attack # 16 (Area Damage)
Attack # 17 (Single Attack)
Attack # 18 (Single Attack)
Attack # 19 (Single Attack)
Attack # 20 (Single Attack)
Attack # 21 (Area Damage)
Attack # 22 (Major Attack 100,000 damage)
So there you go, from ivo and myself, hope this helps you keep an eye out for that 3 x single attack and 1 x area damage and then the 100k damage so hopefully you can all heal up before and after that 100k and have success in your Nirvana NM Run!

...and here is one of my Nirvana NM runs on video, check it out: