Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Money Making Wartune

Hey guys I wanna share the proper way of making big money in Wartune :) hehehe

The idea is to keep record on paper or better Excel of players and see which ones tend to have lots of cash on them when you plunder them. Also you have to keep their coordinates on record to find them easy.

Soon you will notice that some players are less active or don't bother to hide their money in the guild contribution and tend to pay you lots of money for plundering.

So below is a rare and amazing example from our Server (much easier to do this on mature old servers) where I made a crazy amount of money / gold in Wartune within 1 day plundering this guy to death :)

Remember that once you plunder someone then they will have 2:00 hours of safe time, so stand next to their city and remember exactly when this time runs out so you can keep looting his city and nobody else gets in on the action in between.

Now he has teleported away, so I will try to find them (depending on my laziness hehehe) :)

and after i posted this in the forums there was some feedback:

1) thanks to KnowingEyes7 we know that the maximum earnings you can have is 10k x your level


2) thanks to balautoy we can see indeed that level 49 can get maximum of 490k and see below this crazy plunder!!