Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sylph Runes and Spire and Card Sets and Mounts

Hey guys, posting here few tips that Rohit and Zimce s419 and Masha shared with me, first one is about Sylph and Rune trick in Spire and second one sharing card sets and then from Rohit sharing some cool Wartune mounts, which we might get sooner or later.

1) Remember that trick I explained on how to use runes when in Sylph mode, well, actually Zimce pointed out that the trick works on Spire as well, that is, with the Spire runes, so give it a shot if you want. And for those who missed the trick it's here: "How to Combine RUNES and SYLPH Mode"

2) Card sets. I actually haven't been lucky myself on both accounts I did not get a single purple card, so if you are in my shoes as well don't worry, I am sure it will all come with time.

3) Mount pictures: