Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Fool's Egg Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, here I collected the statistics for the Fool's Egg which is the casher box from the event for this month of March/April 2014. You see below we got 586 of these Eggs opened and neither Sappy nor me got the Frost Bear Card. Moreover, I got a bunch of emails and saw chats that a lot of people were complaining that they do not receive the mount, but, of course, unless we have proof we can not conclusively say that they have reduced the drop rates of the mount. For me this is extra strange because this is only a +20 mount so it's not like a super special one and you see on the picture below that the two of us together have spent nearly 30,000 balens and didn't get a single mount, which I would say is rather expensive for a +20 mount, which normally costs something like 4,000 balens when it is sold directly.

Anyhow, other than the mount you see the highest one is 19.5% drop rate for the 50,000 gold followed by Mahra x 2 and Runestone x 2.

The Soul Crystals and Fate Stones x 100 of course have low rates of 1% and 0.5% which is not surprising.

And finally the event item, the Eggshell has a high, 48.5%, drop rate which is actually quite similar to the previous month's event item. So let's say roughly 50% of the time so far from the casher box you get the event item.


Added some more boxes
Changed balen value per box from 49 to 39