Friday, March 7, 2014

Treasure Hunt Card System & Tips

Hey guys, for those who missed my video on the Treasure Hunt Card System I also make a blog post here with the important points and I put the video below if you wanna watch.

With the Treasure Hunt Card System we get a new button/card located next to soul engraving. An important point here is that no matter what the bonuses you gain there it will not change your "Master" Battle Rating, which would be important for something like the Hall of Fame events which give rewards based on your "Master" Battle Rating.

Then once inside we have a number of Slots which I prefer to call as Sets because these are going to be the sets of cards which we will use for various places like the Battlegrounds or Spire, so we will want to create dedicated Sets per event type and then we will have to switch around between them. Note here that the center card is reserved for orange cards only and the higher your level the more Sets you will have available to you.

We have 3 available buttons in the Treasure Hunt Card System:

The Treasure Hunt will take us into the adventure to gather the cards.

The 1 click Activate will automatically activate all the cards which you have in your bag so you don't have to click on them one by one.

And the 1 click Upgrade will upgrade using any duplicate cards you have so that, again, you do not have to do this one by one yourself. Note here that it might be a good idea to check if any upgrade events are coming and save the cards for those instead of upgrading them instantly.

Once you do your daily attempts you will see like in the picture above that you have to wait ~6 hours for the next attempt. These attempts add up while you are not at home and then once you come and play you will have a few to do straight away.

Also there is a special item called the Infinity Wheel which will allow you to instantly add an attempt. This item can be gotten from events or maybe the shop later on.

The adventure / hunting itself will cost gold, daru or kyanite so be sure that you have some so you can pay the necessary fees.

The Fragments, also known as Mystic Shards, which you collect, once you have a 100 of them, can be exchanged for a Master Summoner Kit.

In the beginning everyone has just small bonuses, but if you remember we also laughed at the tiny damage sylphs were doing when we first got them as white level 1, so I think here will be a sort of a similar effect that over time we will create nice bonuses through the cards for the various events. Just here the effect will be much smaller than sylphs because, at least for now, there is no way to pay balens for anything related to the Treasure Hunt Card System.

Okey, I hope that was useful for you guys, so please share, like, thumbs up or whatever and below I put the video I made for the Treasure Hunt Card System: