Friday, March 21, 2014

Non-Top 100 Glory Shop - What to Buy?

Hey guys, everyone got their Glory Crystals so I wanted to make a guide on what to spend them on in the Class Wars Glory Shop specifically for all the people who did not get into the Top 100, which means everyone with less than 1000 crystals, so on the below picture-guide you see my opinions and what I spend my crystals on, just some extra comments:

 - for the Mount Spirit I mean maybe more mounts will be added or more other uses.
 - for the 60 legend stones, they can also be collected with skeleton keys which option does not exist for the 70 stones and also, again, as mentioned, you get more stones than crystalloids.
 - for Shadow Crystals you can also get them by fishing.

You can enlarge the picture if you want - it's big.

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oh and if you didn't see my March 2014 Class Wars video: