Friday, March 28, 2014

Spin Blessing Wheel While in an Instance

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, if you're anything like me, you're a bit of dunce (T_T) and regularly forget to spin the Academy blessing wheel. Luckily, my buddy artemes (tyty<3) pointed out that if you forget to spin and have already entered a dungeon, it's possible to do so through the Daily Guide.

The Daily Guide button is the red flag icon in the top right menu. If you haven't spun yet, you'll be able to open the wheel from the devotion task list. Make sure you spin completely before closing the wheel, because once you spin enough to get devotion, you won't be able to open it from this menu again.

Hope this helps :) Planning on a series of posts on sylphs soon(-ish)! Please gimme a holler in the comments if there's anything you'd be interested in me posting about, or that you think would be helpful to have illustrated clearly on the blog!