Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Treasure Hunt Update

(Posted by Dagiva)

A quick update on the Treasure Hunt mini-game with level-up info, a complete set of purple cards and some updated statistics. The original thread has been updated with this information as well and will continue to be updated for ease of bookmarking.

First off the complete set of purple cards.  Thanks to Mariusz and Eliza C for submitting screenshots.

Here is a full set of updated drop rates, the sample sizes are still small so anyone interested in sending in more data is encouraged to do so.

Treasure Hunt costs were based on 75 recorded data points (19 Kyanite, 27 Daru, 29 Gold).
Kit drops were based on 76 recorded data points (48 Novice, 22 Standard, 11 Master).
Overall Card drops were based on 107 recorded data points (60 White, 31 Green, 16 Blue).

As you can see the leveling rates are a bit out of whack, especially for green cards.  White cards get triple the bonus and require triple the xp at level two, blue cards get double bonus and require double xp at level two but green cards get double bonus and require quadruple xp at level two.  No word yet on level two purples.

It remains to be seen whether the green xp rates at level two are a mistake, I'm not sure why they would be so much more expensive to level but time will tell I suppose.

As always, please feel free to post any new information for future updates and thanks for reading.