Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heart Shaped and Lover's Pack Boxes Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, also catching up with the posting of data here I have the drop rates for the Heart Shaped Boxes as well as the Lover's Pack boxes which were the balen only boxes coming out of the Heart Shaped Boxes.

In the 1st part with the Heart Shaped we see a similar chance of dropping of the balen box and the consumables (gold, daru, kyanite) at around 22%-23% while crypt tokens x 5 and Mahra x 1 have similar rates at around 5%. As usual, poorly balanced.

Then for the Lover's Pack I only have data from my mage's account so a bit smaller sample size but the image it gives is not so bad, mahra and sepulcrum being similar, fate stone a bit lower although probably on a higher sample size that would be boosted up and the bigger rewards of course at a lower rate, but again poorly balanced because anyone would trade 800 insignia or even much more for 100 sepulcrums.